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December 6, 2017
Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but there are STILL deals on giving the gift of travel! Elite Travel Management Group, Inc. is back to say why you should make the trek to Jamaica!

Sink or Swim

"Much more than a book of inspiration, Tammy shows us that all things are possible with conviction and determination. To be able to achieve anything, under any circumstances, with no excuses. Her tenacity and drive to break from her past shows us how she literally reinvented herself numerous times and from a readers perspective she makes it look effortless. How she can remain without bitterness or remorse and yet have a sense of humor, she shows us that giving back is what drives her to reach for even more. You allow yourself to believe you can do it too, especially under less daunting odds as she faced. For those who have also met challenges that could break the average person, you will be encouraged to know staying afloat is a first step to survival and if your striving for a life of your own design, It's a must read!"
-Jody Yetti

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