A year ago…I was in a rut. I was at a conference in Cancun, Mexico and who was our guest speaker…my mentor Tammy Levent. I had the ability to hang out, talk things over with her and learn from her. She re-sparked my fire to grow my business and to open my mind on the possibilities to explore the world.

We are now giving our clients more options to explore the world by starting selling more oversea (Europe, Asia, Africa and South America) packages/tours instead just selling to the Caribbean. We have advanced in technology for our clients not only to present quotes to them but to allow them to have an itinerary app that automatically update when their itinerary changes.

We have specialized in destination weddings and vow renewals. We were hired in the end of September, 2017 to plan an African/Indian/Christian inspired wedding in Baltimore MD and this couple has rehired us to do the same wedding in July of 2018 in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

We have specialized in group travel…We have more group travel business and referrals for group travel. We plan groups in any sizes from as small as 10 people to as big as you want.

· We have a couple of groups to the Caribbean.

· We have a group asking to go to Barcelona Spain for a week. I asked the group leader if they wanted to stay in Barcelona for the full 7 days or would like to do a few nights in Barcelona and a few nights to Madrid. I mean you are already in Spain. Upon researching 3 nights in Barcelona and 3 nights to Madrid the group decided to go with this option.

· We were contacted about a group for next fall to do a Mediterranean cruise and we are in the process of planning this for them.

· We are going to host an open to all group to Dubai and Abu-Dhabi for November of 2018. For more details just contact us.

· We started working more with non-profit organizations/charities and presenting fundraising travel opportunities and silent auction items.

We have grown a great referral business program for our clients that put $$ in their pockets.

We thank Tammy for all she has done and continue to support us.

Thank you,

Serenitea Travel & Events

Dear Tammy,
I wanted to take a moment to personally say thank you. I value your partnership and business with GOGO Vacations very much. It’s refreshing to see your involvement and passion visible and alive in our industry.

Your commitment to helping Travel Agents learn, grow and understand the business of selling travel combined with your true entrepreneurial spirit is infectious. This is clear through the growth of your T.A.S.K program (helping Travel Agents learn how to be travel business entrepreneurs) and also by your active involvement with GOGO in events across the county. I’ve also been impressed with your travel segment on ABC’s Tampa Bay Morning Blend – helping showcase the importance of our industry – highlighting the relevancy and role of the Travel Agent, as well as the significance of being a travel entrepreneur today.

Everyone at GOGO Vacations wishes you much continued success in your endeavors and once again thank you for your partnership with GOGO and your commitment to our industry.

John van den Heuvel
President, GOGO Vacations


Hello Tammy

I want to thank you for sharing your passion for helping other travel agents who want to thrive in building their bottom line as a business owners. I found you via the internet late one night as I was researching how to succeed as an Independent Travel Agent.

I was just getting ready to sign up with a host agency when I saw your video- I believe it was divine intervention : ) I am a career changer and I am very serious about building a successful, profitable travel business.

After watching a few of your videos, I made a decision that I would not sign up with a Host. I am building my business structure so I can keep 100% profit.

As I mentioned, I am just getting started but I am planning to attend one of your TASK Live events in the future. I am making progress daily…secured my business entity, business checking, E& O insurance and I am looking to develop a relationship with Go Go Vacations after I obtain my CLIA credential.

Again, thank you for sharing your passion for encouraging others to succeed by being a stellar example!

Wishing you continued success and blessings overflowing,

LaShun F

After I paid in full for TASK and some other things came up, I thought about canceling my booking. Tammy assured me things would work out and that she was there for me. It was comforting to hear, but I still wasn’t sure if this investment in my business would pay off. TASK was an eye opener to me. I knew it had to be more ways to make a nice living that others were not telling. Tammy showed us that in TASK. Only being home for less than 30 days I made additional $895.51 on one booking then I made additional $1K on a second booking. Well I will say the investment was well worth the trip. Just image how much more my business will grow. I am so glad Tammy encouraged me to come and the investment would be well worth it. Toni A.

Well TASK is paid in full and I still have tools so I will make more commission. Thanks again Tammy. I would like to attend the reunion with other TASK members.

Toni Anderson, MCC
Group Travel Consultant

I have been in the travel industry from I was 17 years old!
Tammy came recommended to me from my old boss Mike Norton who is now at Sandals Resorts!
I have not regret the weekend I did TASK live at Secrets in MBJ!
All I can say if you want to take your business to the next level and I mean the next level where you will make money, attend Task!
Tammy will teach you all the tricks of the trade BUT most importantly make you accountable for all that you need to do to become successful.
You will reap the reward from your investment in task but you have to the work that she guides you to do!
All the best to you!

Andrea Williams

My name is Jody Yetti, of Jody’s Travel Inc. I too was a child Prodigy (lol) Started early teens with Family run organization, took over and ran a healthy moderately successful agency. I intuitively knew I needed a kick, so found an ad for TASK online at 3am, I called the number regarding the next class hoping to leave a message so she would have it first thing in the morning and Tammy answered!
We spoke all of half an hour and she got me in! I have never looked back and it was the single most intelligent thing I did for myself and my Business. I am not going to lie to you, it requires dedication and discipline, she will provide the discipline and if your willing to do the time you WILL reap the rewards.
I was in the Industry over 25 years at that point and learned like I was in grade school. resources are everything and her reach and contacts in addition to behind the scenes know how makes this a no brainer.
You have nothing to lose and all to gain in my humble opinion.My sales, my Habits. My website, Blogs Etc have all been upgraded and improved and the manner in which I work is smarter and more productive, and I would not hesitate for you to join us on our journey to Success. We have great support Network and Tammy makes herself available to you always.
This is not for the faint of heart, if you are a serious about growing your business, you have to dedicate yourself for optimum results and you will have them.
All the best with your decision, this is not a paid endorsement, LOL. This comes from the heart having developed a relationship with a Powerhouse in the industry.
Jody Yetti

I can honestly say that Tammy has made a difference in how I run my business I found TASK to be an intense couple of days but so worth it in the end, Its not easy let me warn you but if you do the work, you will see the difference.
How I leverage strategic partnerships and many more things that I do in my business today are as a direct result of TASK.
Best Wishes and I hope you take the plunge.

Suzette Finlayson
Island Expert Travel

I started by business with a host agency in 2007 while working a very demanding full time job and my thoughts at the time were to slowly build the business so I had something to do in my retirement years. Life threw me some curve balls and my plans changed and here I am today. Before I started working with Tammy I had been with 7 different host agencies over the years and she showed me how I needed to break away from them and then she helped me do that. I now own my own agency.

I met Tammy while searching the internet trying to find someone who could help me with a business client I had wanting to do an incentive trip. I was floored with the help she gave me!!! Before Tammy I had worked with other mentors who I had spent $10’s of thousands of dollars with and they always had their hand out for money with every piece of advice they gave you and my business was no further ahead. Tammy did not ask for anything other than to tell me about what she had to offer with her trainings. She was their every step of the way helping and guiding me with this booking. When I was doing the research on this booking I figured I would make $900 after my host took their cut. Tammy booked this for me under her business taking a small percentage and turned my commission into $3200 with Tammy making an additional $600 and my client paying the same $14,000 I had found. That one booking paid for the cost of her training and she now has a student for life.

Since then she has introduced me to the wedding and honeymoon market and showed me how to brand my business. This year is my break out year with 9 different shows my business will be a part of and I am already starting to book shows for next year. The email list I am marketing to has grown from 60 at the start of 2017 to over 4,000 thanks to Tammy and it is still growing. I can not promise you the same results but she has been a major influence on my business. Through her counseling and training I now get phone calls and emails with people wanting to book. Before Tammy it was just friends, coworkers and referrals from clients.

As I mentioned there are no promises but I can tell you if you are open to change, willing to listen and do as she asks you should be very successful. Remember she has a very successful business and is sharing her knowledge without you having to go through the learning process on your own. Tammy has helped me in more ways than what I have mentioned here and has been a real inspiration. Having Tammy as my mentor was the best decision I ever made for my business! I highly suggest taking the leap of faith and following Tammy, she is well worth the time, money and effort to turn your business around and make it very profitable.

B. Collier

I just want to tell you that I admire you so much with your achievements and your inspiration . You have gone through so much with your personal life and of what you have accomplished .You are an inspiration with your travel industry background. I love doing travel and most of us, cannot stop loving a career in travel, no matter at any age.

Sheryl Austin

Thanks to Tammy, I not only was able to turn the wedding from hell to a one that I am profiting nicely from (was even able to have 90% of the wedding book excursions and transfers which before they declined), I was able to get free travel to attend the wedding (client really wants me there for some reason), and got new clients (some of the wedding guests) who who want me to book outside trips (some of which have already booked those trips with me). Other client trips have not been this stressful but, Tammy knows how stressful this one was for me because I expressed it to her during T.A.S.K. As the wedding approaches in less than two weeks, it has gotten easier and easier because of Tammy’s advice. I don’t know why I waited 2 years to go to T.A.S.K. but thank God I went! I am a firm believer in give props and thanks when due.
Thanks so much Tammy!!!

CKs Travel

TASK will make you a travel agent rock star

I meet Tammy at an industry event in Baltimore in August of 2014 where she was the keynote speaker. I was blown away by her testimony and I was encourage with her resilience. We had a round robin session to talk to vendors which was only 5 minutes. In this limited amount of time I was intrigued with her TASK program. I knew I needed to have an opportunity to talk to her about her TASK KIT, TASK mentoring program and TASK Live. I took her card and I told her that I would call her the very next day. Yes I called Tammy the very next day around 3:30 pm and I remember saying to her. “Hello Tammy…This is Valencia. I meet you yesterday in Baltimore and I told you that I would call you today.”

Needless to say, I started mentoring with Tammy and went to her TASK Live in June of 2015. Since becoming a TASK student, Tammy has showed me how to close more sales, how to increase my clientele and to grow my business. She gives you all the tools to increase your commissions, to be able to develop and grow long standing strategic partnerships with others inside and outside of the travel industry and is an amazing mentor. She is always there for you but please note if you get off track, she will “Whip” you back into shape. Believe me know and she recently re-ignited the fire in my business but most of all in me. She really cares about your growth personally, this industry and your growth of your business…No strings attached. I am so grateful that she is in my life and she has really shown me how to be a travel entrepreneur/agent rock star. Thank you for all that you do.

Best Regards,

Elicia “Valencia” Slatten

Serenitea Travel & Events

I came across Tammy Levent just by chance. I had an Incentive Travel group that I was having problems trying to book and searched the internet for someone who trains in Incentive Travel and came across Tammy’s name. I called her and she offered to help me with no strings attached. After speaking to her I purchased her online course which I have since completed.

In trying to book my group I was only able to find one supplier willing to book my group with a $900 commission after my host agency’s cut and $50 per name change if needed. Tammy was able to book it for me with 2 free name changes and a $3100 commission with Tammy getting $600 on top of my $3100. Since then she has helped with other bookings always increasing the commission I would have gotten through my host. As a result I have signed up for her TASK Live training in April 2016.

Starting in January of 2016 I will be leaving my host agencies and going independent. Tammy has set me up with a writer, printer, and a web designer while walking me through the steps to set up my new business. I don’t know how she has enough time in the day to help everyone and run her own business, but she does. She has personally answered every question I have had be it by phone or email.
If you are thinking about taking the leap of faith and following Tammy, she is well worth the time, money, and effort to turn your business around and make it very profitable!

Bruce Collier

Hi Tammy,

I hope this email finds you well. I attended the Travel Industry Exchange event this past week. I also attended your session and truly enjoyed all the information given. I have your flyer that you gave out at the trade show with the Offer for your Travel Agent Success Kit. How do I go about ordering that?

Renee Sutton, CTA, ECC, LCS
Owner / Independent Vacation Specialist

Hello Tammy!

I absolutely loved your session at the Travel Industry Exchange! It was one of the most informative classes I have ever taken.

I would love to have the Travel Agent Success Kit so I can learn more about strategic partnerships, and be as successful as you have been in this industry.

Best regards,

Anna’s Travel Shop

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for a wonderful class. It was very enlightening! You said to send you an email to get a promo code for travel agent kit. I can’t wait! Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated. Just started your book I got at the exchange and love it!

Sarah James

Hi Tammy,

I thoroughly enjoyed your session at TIX. I look forward to receiving your task kit! Please let me know if there is further info you need from me.

Well Wishes & Wanderlust

Laura F. Pankow

Hi! Tammy,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Travel Industry Exchange last week at Disney World.

The information you gave us was not only interesting, but more useful than anything I have ever heard before and I hope to put it into use to increase my business.

Thank you so much!

I would like my success kit for attending your training.
I look forward to learning from you.


SeaDreams Travel

Thank you so very much – always good getting a little push from you. I am happy to report that I am a changed agent since TASK.

  1. CCRA – signed up and now have my TRUE number!
  2. Website – did not go with Julie, but am expecting my “built” website from TRUEsites in a couple of days. I will be using mostly my own photos from my travels, so that should help to make it somewhat different from the rest.
  3. Business Facebook page – I did not have one, and now I do. It is not published yet because I am waiting on the website so as to link them.
  4. Travefy – signed up, still learning, and setting up my upcoming February southeast trip in it to send to the travelers
  5. I also signed up for, and am learning Vacation CRM – as I was not using one.
  6. My Morocco trip in March 2019 is all set up – thanks again – and I am sending it out with a end-year note that will go to my list.
  7. Without giving away the store, I have been bragging to my friend, Sandra Smith, SassC Galleria of Travel, about how much we learned at TASK. I think she had signed up for Jamaica in October but could not make it.
  8. I will be reaching out to Gabi for information on trips to Ireland, safari, and a couple others.

I certainly plan to be watching my intrepid teacher on TV – look forward to it.

Thanks again for all, Tammy – I am really glad I did Jamaica TASK – am setting up systems to do everything more efficiently in 2018 thanks to all I learned from you.

With best regards,

Oonagh Greaves

Hi Tammy,

It was great to meet you and hear you speak at the Luxury Partnering session of the Travel Industry Exchange.

When you have a moment, please email your TASK code, so I can find out more about your TA Success kit.


Destination Travel LLC

Hello Tammy,

I had the pleasure of seeing your presentation about strategic partnerships at the Travel Industry Exchange! I stopped by your booth and received a flyer where you requested that we send you an e-mail for a promo code to access the Travel Agent Success Kit.

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity, and I am so excited to learn all that I can from you. And thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us all.

Hope you had safe travels home!


Tracie Baker

Hi there Tammy,

Thanks so much, not only for your VERY generous offer for your T.A.S.K. program
but for your vision and insight! Just what I was needing to super charge and revision my
agency….I’ve been just riding along on the crest and didn’t realize that the wave had
broken and I was landing on the beach, at least, until recently.

I look forward to the log in information and to JUMPING in with both feet and all
of my energy as soon as I have this data!

Bless you and I am truly grateful for this opportunity from you.

With gratitude,

Silvestri Travel LLC

Good morning Tammy !

I took your class yesterday, and you asked for me to email you so I can receive my code.
I congratulate you again on a wonderful class !

I am the travel agent in Miami that also belongs to the Travel Industry Association of Florida as a member of the board of directors.

Let us keep in touch, it would be great if we could schedule a Saturday morning half day seminar for our members.


Liliana Lahoz
Travel Professional

Hi Tammy:

I attended your seminar today at the Travel Industry Exchange event, and was extremely impressed by all that you had to say! Thank you for sharing your story and your enthusiasm.

I was not following any of the specific certification programs, mostly because there were so many interesting sessions from several different categories. During your session, you stated that if we sent you an email request we could receive a code of TASK. I would really love to get it and look forward to implementing your ideas and suggestions. Thank you so much for presenting at the conference!

Connie Miller


I just wanted to thank you for an amazing few days while attending T.A.S.K LIVE in Jamaica, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and really embraced a lot of Kick Ass information ~ I am a graduate!

I think everyone was positively affected by the group and their dynamic, it was very enlightening getting to know everyone individually as well.

Travel sales is a business of resources and without having good resources and the partners we need to execute them, we are like everyone else. Thank you for training us to make that distinction and how to excel and break from Mom and Pop agencies to Nationwide and World experts as sellers of travel.

Warmest Regards,

Jody Yetti
Jody’s Travel & Concierge
2015 TASK live

In October 2014 I went out on a limb and made the investment to attend the first ever TASK in Montego, Jamaica. It was the best move I could have made as a travel professional as the material was relevant to my every day job and Tammy pushed me to take chances and build the infrastructure of my company that will serve as the foundation for success in the future. I could not have made a better investment in myself and the future of my travel consultancy. I highly encourage anyone serious about taking their travel business to the next level to trust Tammy Levent and attend TASK!!

Scott Ludlum
Panama Travel Consultants

The first time I heard the name Tammy Levent, was at a sales event in Baltimore, Maryland in September of 2014. She spoke to a large group of Travel Agents and told us we needed to work smarter if we were going to survive in this business. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm and passion for the Travel Industry. At that Baltimore Event, I was given a flyer which had information regarding participating in the T.A.S.K. Live Seminar In October of 2014.   Less than 24 hours later, I had enthusiastically signed up for the first T.A.S.K. Live Seminar hosted by Tammy Levent of Elite Travel Management Group at Secrets Wild Orchid in Jamaica. The event was far more than I could have ever hoped for and the partnership that I now have with Tammy has changed my business in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The most important information I walked away from these 3 days was simply this… I learned that the answer to my lack of growth was not money!   That was an eye opener for me, as the words “if only I had enough money” would play over and over in my head at night.

Although I have been in business for over 20 years, I knew that if I was going to survive in this industry that I loved so much, that I was going to need to change the way I did things. I was given a composition book and was told that this would become my “bible”. A notebook that I would use to write down everything that I was to begin to work on. During the 3 days I spend with Tammy, I would keep copious notes in this notebook. I came home with a list that seemed like only superman would be able to keep up with. I began to think to myself, “Can I do this?” I found out very quickly that not only could I do this, but I did! As I look back at this notebook today, less than 6 months later, here is a list of what I have accomplished:

  • Completed a 138 questionnaire in preparation for T.A.S.K. Live
  • Watched hours of video by Tammy Levent in preparation for T.A.S.K. Live
  • Fired my Advertising Agency
  • Created a new web site
  • Created new business cards for myself and my staff exactly like web site (working on building my brand)
  • Had a 8’X8’ banner made to look exactly like my website and business cards…working on my brand (to be used at Bridal and Trade Shows)
  • Purchased a pole for my banner
  • Joined a weekly Networking Group
  • Created a yearly Giveaway for clients
  • Sponsored gift baskets for two local charity events
  • Created Testimonials page for website from clients
  • Had client write a testimonial blog for my social media sites
  • Created a Twitter Account
  • Created a Business Instagram Account
  • Created a Google Plus Account
  • Improved on my Linked-In Account by joining lots of groups and updating my profile
  • Hired a blogger who writes weekly blogs from my list of suggestions
    • Blogs get posted weekly to my Website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google Plus
  • Hired a writer
    • Wrote a biography which was then uploaded to Website, FB, Twitter, Linked-In and Google Plus
    •   She also created my banner
  • Formed strategic partnerships with Hair Salons in my area
  • Became drop off location for “itsmybag.cool” Campaign
  • Created a Mailchimp Account
  • Created a TRO Account
  • Verified my business listing with Google
  • Signed up with Ad Words Express through Google to build more business
  • Worked a Bridal show
  • Working with AM Resorts on Bridal Shows for Breast Cancer for Brides in my area
  • Attended NYC Travel Show with Tammy Levent
  • Attended Travvy Awards in NYC with Tammy Levent

Ann M. Johnson
Feel free to contact me at: amjtravel@aol.com

Tammy,This is so long overdue….I want to say “THANK YOU” for creating TASK!

I want to thank you for offering the TASK program to travel agents who needed help running their business. This program was well overdue to the travel agent community and you DID it!
We do not know everything and you took the time out of your schedule to share your company’s insight and knowledge and secrets with complete strangers.Since our training in October 2014 in Jamaica, our agency has grown in operational knowledge and not to mention our business has increase by a 25% growth so far!! Thanks to you and your wonderful team – I am trying to keep up!Thanks for offering to share your company’s strategies, insights and secrets with us, to ensure we are covered 3600 in all aspect of our business operations. Thank you for offering your entire team to assist us with our marketing efforts all round – from your web designer to your graphic designer to your writer. I do not know of any other travel agent who would share this and more with anyone like you did and keep on doing.
Thank you for offering your bridal shows in my area to create more business and generate more leads for our agency.You are confident at what you do and who are and this is what makes you an AMAZING travel agent, entrepreneur and consultant!I love you for all you stand for and ALL that you do!
I am happy I took the time at TASK!

Andrea Williams
Exquisite Vacations Inc

-Hi Tammy,
“Tammy is one of the best mentors in the industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in all that she does. Whether you are an experienced travel consultant or a new agent looking to grow your business, Tammy will challenge you to think outside the box and push the envelope a little further than you ever thought imaginable. She is strong-willed; she is driven; she is creative; she is intense; and she is successful.

The T.A.S.K – Travel Agent Success Kit that Tammy created is a perfect program for those who are looking for a few more ideas to drive their business a little further in 2015. I joined T.A.S.K. over a year ago, and while I already had a thriving agency in West Texas, I implemented some of the strategies on which Tammy focuses. From 2013 to 2014, my business experienced 192% growth. Can I guarantee that kind of growth if you sign up for T.A.S.K.? The answer is no, and I am not sure Tammy will make those claims either. What I can tell you is the obvious. An open-mind, hard work, and dedication will get you where you want to be, and having a mentor and friend in Tammy Levent has made the ride that much more enjoyable!

Travel on, friends!

Best Regards,
Lindsay Foerster
Foerster Travel, Inc.

I have worked with most industries, however travel was not one of them. So, I went in search of a forward thinker in this industry and found you! So thank you!!

After reading your 6 tips on open jaw this morning, I just wanted to thank you for your timely advice. In April of 2012, I underwent shoulder surgery, nine days later, my 21 year old daughter passed suddenly.
The past three years have been a struggle, there are days that I do not want to get out of bed, but I do. I know that my Baby is with me, pushing all the time.
In 2013, when some of the fog had lifted, I was no longer able to perform my job and was faced with the reality that I would have to create a new life.
I thought to myself, what have you always wanted to do, the answer has always been, be a travel agent.
I bought a package to be an Expedia Cruise Specialist. The reality of low commission, led me to pursue my other dream of being an event coordinator, to subsidize my income. The fog has invaded many times over the past 34 months, making it difficult to focus on my training.
A series of small steps have led me back to my dream. I started immersing myself in my training a few weeks ago and am very pleased to say that I am ready for this exciting challenge.
Yesterday, I did my first booking. Okay, it was for my sister and myself, but now I know I can do it.
Sorry this was meant to be a short thank you, on a morning that I woke up feeling motivated.
So thank you.

I had the pleasure of only recently getting to know Tammy and attend a TASK seminar which she had presented in Jamaica. I believe Tammy’s professionalism, depth of knowledge and insight in the travel industry has made her an invaluable asset and resource to my business. Tammy’s interpersonal and teaching/coaching competencies are helping my business get to “the next level” and beyond. Tammy is an excellent model of how an individual can be successful despite the hardships and challenges that business and life present to us. I highly recommend TASK and the opportunity to work with Ms. Levent

-AnnaMarie Perrotti, Sand Dollar Travel LLC, New York

Your course is fantastic. You have put it together beautifully. Yes, you gave me what I needed quickly, which was the leveraging part of the travel business.

-Karissa Lewis, The Business Transformation Queen, Australia

I am choosing to spend my day working on the amazing videos that are part of the TASK Force Travel Agent Success Kit from Tammy Levent, one of the biggest names in the Travel Industry. Whether you are starting out as a Travel Agent, or a seasoned veteran, Tammy can show you how to take your business to the next level. She’s an amazing resource that I am happy to call a key strategic partner with my business, and I look forward to see what kind of role she will play in taking Your Travel and Cruise Concierge to the next level in 2014! Thank you Tammy for coming into my life – you are a blessing.

– Susan Jacobs Leonidas, Your Travel and Cruise Concierge, Tampa, Florida

As a travel professional since 1985, I read your story thoroughly. You are a wonderful example of a travel agent who sticks with the client until they are safely back at home. Under these circumstances of the complimentary trip, you were between too many obstacles to do anything other than their insurance. I pray he makes a full and speedy recovery and AZAMARA pays for their transportation back home.

-Mannette Raines, Travel With Mannette as part of Travel Alliance Network

The Travel Industry has always been an industry built on relationships. All of our successes are built around it. Whether it’s the relationship a travel agent has with their preferred wholesaler, their client, or the myriad of other relationships you build everyday, it’s important we all build them and respect them. At GoGo, our longstanding relationship with Travel Agents have helped us mutually prosper. We respect that relationship and are continuously looking for new creative ways to grow them. The biggest tool to have in business are your ears. While it sounds simple, the act of listening and understanding will lead to some of the most profitable partnerships you could have.

-Jim, GoGo Worldwide Vacations

If you are a travel agent or a person that is just considering becoming a travel agent, you simply MUST get Tammy Levent Travel Agent Success Kit course. It is AMAZING!!!! Seriously! I’m not even a travel agent and even I’m learning things that will help me in my business. It’s just on awesome course! Get it today!!!

-Famous Ashley Grant

Tammy –

This is Norm, Marie and I spoke with you last week, Thank You Thank You for the opportunity to work with you, so I’m going to take you up on it, I need your help.

Okay, several of your videos focused on writing for a magazine/paper. Well I took that suggestion and damn, it worked like a charm.

Well it worked tooooooo well, since we are new to travel industry and I’m a computer geek, not a writer, what do I do NOW?? LOL

Sorry for being clueless…I personally didn’t think it would move this quickly.