Whether you are negotiating a raise, your next business deal, a contract, or your starting salary, everyone at some point needs to negotiate – and knowing how makes a huge difference to the width of your wallet. I’ve negotiated with everyone from banks to bosses, and been on the other side of the table as the boss, so I can tell you exactly how to get the best deal out of every deal.

When you enter into a negotiation with proven strategies, a firm goal, and – most importantly – confidence, you’ll be amazed at what you walk out with.

The key is in understanding the real value of the skills and experience you have to offer. I’ll teach you how to represent that value so you get everything you deserve.

I’ve noticed that women in particular tend to have difficulties in negotiating. Many don’t realize how much experience, skill, and talent they bring to their positions. They fear conflict. They avoid asserting themselves. And they pathologically undersell themselves, earning less because they don’t know how to fight for more. If you didn’t get the better end of the deal in your last negotiation, contact me. We’ll outline a game plan you can use – not just for your next career move – but, to move your career forward right now.

Set up an appointment with me to talk negotiation strategy today – and tomorrow, you’ll be prepared to start living the life you want.