What is TASK?


The Travel Agent Success Kit, better known as TASK is an amazing line of products developed by CEO of Elite Travel Tammy Levent, to help travel agents take their business to the next level. Whether you are a brand new agent just starting out or are a seasoned veteran looking for growth or even somewhere in between TASK has what you’re looking for to become the success story you’ve dreamed of. Check out our full line of products below:




The TASK Kit is the do it yourself video series teaching you how to start and/or grow your travel business. Upon purchasing the TASK kit you will receive a login to get immediate digital access to more than 15 hours of streaming videos teaching subjects like:

  • Strategic partnerships
  • How to work a trade or bridal show
  • Advertising
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Customer Service
  • Blogging
  • Social Media and more!

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Our TASK Live events are in-depth intensive live trainings that walk you through the TASK kit step-by-step. These events are held at high end resorts around the world and upon completion of a TASK Live training you will walk away with a firm grasp of everything you need to know to run your travel agency. You learn the very tools and tricks Tammy Levent used to grow Elite Travel into an award winning agency that has been around for twenty years and has done more than $75 million in traveled business. The TASK Live events are also FAM trips that will teach you about the properties you will be selling to your clients! More Info

TASK Consulting

You’ve purchased the TASK Kit and watched every video taking copious notes, perhaps you have even attended a TASK Live event, now it’s time to dive even deeper into your business. When you sign on for one-on-one TASK Consulting you are getting exclusive access not just to Tammy Levent but also to her rolodex of contacts and strategic partners. She jumps in to practically run your business for you sky-rocketing it to success levels you may have never even dreamed possible! Not only will she help create and cement vendor relationships for you, she even negotiates marketing possibilities such as no cost bridal shows and trade shows to advertise your business and get access leads to keep those crucial travel dollars coming in. More Info


Want to know more about one of our products? Click the links above and read on! Remember, you’re not just a travel agent. You’re a travel entrepreneur! Here’s to your success!