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Here is what clients are saying:

“There is simply nobody else like Tammy Levent. You meet her, you fall in love with her enthusiasm and you immediately begin learning from her, all the while knowing that your friendship and business relationship with her is going to be one wild ride! Tammy is relentless in pursuing her goals and every single collaboration I have entered into with her has been a pure win/win. I cannot count the times she graciously came to me and selflessly promoted my products, worked hard to ensure I had every opportunity to showcase my brands and aside from everything, she’s an amazing human being with a heart of gold that will do anything for the friends she treasures. Countless people look to Tammy for advice and I am one of them, ever grateful she’s been a true friend an one amazing colleague in the industry”

Gabriella Truman, Trumarketing

“In March, we kicked off a local travel segment featuring Tammy Levent of Elite Travel.  We created a unique travel segment that educates, inspires and encourages our viewers to travel.  We have been thrilled to have an opportunity to utilize Tammy’s talent and experience as a travel spokesperson.

We value the partnership and passion that Tammy Levent brings to our viewers on a weekly basis. Over the last 12 weeks, Tammy has had sponsors from all corners of the world. Tammy provides engaging and exciting travel content.  In fact, she has sponsors lined up through the end of the 2017 and some sponsors are interested in taking this program to a National level in 2018. Tammy’s commitment to highlighting the relevancy and role of the Travel Agent is apparent in every segment.  With over 3.5 million television and digital viewers, we are delighted to showcase Tammy’s Travel segments every week.  Our viewers have been very positive and responsive to our new travel showcase.  We look forward to taking the segment to the next level with Tammy Levent and Elite Travel.

Not only is Tammy Levent a business strategist, travel expert and author, she is also a leader in the community.  Our Director of Community Affairs submits candidates for the B More Awards.  Just recently, Tammy was nominated for the Award in the volunteer category.  Tammy is committed to local, national and international charities.  It is delightful to see that she is being recognized for her on-going contribution to our community.

As a media specialist with Scripps Broadcast Company, it is refreshing to work with a leading travel expert with a passion for her industry and a commitment to our community.”

All the Best,
Sharon Painter
Media Specialist


“Thanks for sharing your insight and vision of what we can do if we only allow ourselves to see the “Big Picture”. I may be a little slower in getting there but I will get there. Again thank you.”

Warm Regards,
Sheree Scott, DS

“I knew there was something special about Tammy the first time I heard her speak. She is inspiring and one of the most generous people I have been blessed to know. She is not only a mentor but has become someone I am very proud to call my friend. I am honored to help her pay it forward. I am looking forward to reading her story and helping others to realize that through tragedy can come success. Thank you Tammy for believing in me and helping me to continue to build on my success.”

Ann Johnson

“Tammy, It was great meeting you yesterday and hearing about your experiences. A lot of what you shared about networking and partnering resonated with me. It reminded me of a great book I read not long ago called Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan. If you’re not familiar with it, I highly recommend checking it out. I am generally not a huge fan of business books, but this one is worth a read. Your story was an inspiration and reminded me I need to keep working on my Tribal Leadership developing my partnerships and networking.

Stay in touch and travel safe!”

Charlotte, NC

Tammy, It is safe to say that you were the one person who made the greatest impact on me at the CEO conference. Give me a shout whenever you want me to stand up and say “NOTHING!” next time you are speaking! I just wanted to send an email expressing my gratitude for the time you spent talking to me and my fellow CEO teammates from Whitewater. I loved listening to both your entrepreneurial and life stories, and I am beginning my journey to make an impact just as big as you! Your lessons on strategic partnerships floored me, and one day I will develop the knack that you have for identifying those situations. Keep being awesome, and it would mean a lot to me if I could send you an email from time to time with some ideas that I have!”

Brandon Fong

“Ms. Tammy Levent, Thank you for inspiring young entrepreneurs! I hope all is well, my name is Andres Delgado and I had the pleasure of speaking to you this past weekend at the CEO conference in Orlando Florida. I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to inspire young entrepreneurs like myself. The stories you shared motivated me to pursue my dreams no matter the optical I face. You are a successful entrepreneur and I wish to be in your shoes one day. I share your passion to travel the world and help people in need.

If you ever need anything from the Orlando area please don’t hesitate to call or email! I look forward to hearing from you.”


Andres Delgado

“Ms. Levent, This is David McNiel, from Texas State University. Meeting you and moderating for you at the CEO conference this past weekend was terrific. I really enjoyed hearing about what you have accomplished with strategic partnerships and how you overcame so much adversity.

You are an inspirational woman and I would love to be a part of your future. Thank you for donating your time and energy to CEO. If you ever need anything, feet on the ground in Texas, let me know.”

David McNiel
Executive Assistant
Texas State CEO

“Tammy, It was awesome to meet you. I’m very glad we had the chance to talk at the pool bar and also had the opportunity to chat a little more during your mentor session. I’m definitely going to follow you more through social media and over the internet, your life story is inspiring and motivating!

As you may remember, I’m currently working on my entrepreneurial endeavor in Party By Bus (or a variation of that) so there are definitely some elements of strategic partnering I foresee myself needing to go through in the future. I plan on watching your youtube videos and learning from you through the internet and online, but I’d also love to learn from you as well. I’d love to talk/catch up once every 4-6 weeks, (or whenever) if it fits in with your busy schedule.

One of my goals after I signed up for the conference was to find 1-3 mentors, and with the lucky chance of sitting next to you at the pool bar and getting to know more about you, your business, your experience, etc.. I thought I’d reach out!

Thanks again for connecting and talking with me at the conference, and I look forward to hopefully talking with you more in the future!”

Trevor Marks
President and CEO at Party By Bus

“Dear Tammy, I love you to death. You are a beautiful woman with a great sole. I mean Soul. LOL! I would like to thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to participate at the charity event. Your energy was simply amazing. Thank you sooo much you are greatly appreciated even though you chopped up Andrea’s company name. but great we all made light of it…. You are greatly appreciated….”

Tranette S. Engram
Community Liaison

“I heard Tammy Levent speak in May at the Romance Travel Forum in Cancun. I purchased her TASK kit and have been in contact with her on a regular basis for a few weeks now. I have been a travel agent for 4 years and have learned more from Tammy the last 2 month than I have any other training I have done. I have now decided to go to Jamaica to learn more from her and Kevin Harrington in October! I can’t wait to see you all there”

~Monique Brigham Plumeria Breezes Travel

“Tammy Levent – Strategic PartneringWhile attending a Hospitality Industry Luncheon, I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy.  She was the guest speaker for the lunch and I happen to be sitting at her table.  Before the presentation began we exchanged business cards around the table and gave a 30 second plug on our own businesses. After hearing about my company and what we do, Tammy said to me that we had to talk after the meeting.  We both felt similar in the way we like to partner with others. Not just a one-time event or opportunity but really developing a long lasting strategic partnership.  The perfect opportunity presented itself just a couple months later, as Tammy was hosting her 4th Annual Birthday Celebration benefitting The Joshua House of Tampa Bay. As we discussed more in-depth details of her event, it was clear that my company had a few products that would be a natural fit.  Not only for me to showcase my company but to further compliment the theme of the evening.  But it wasn’t just about the one evening, Tammy and her staff brought me in to discuss certain elements of the event from my perspective being an event professional.  So not just using my products but treating this as a true partnership.The event of course was a big success, not only for all the vendors involved (and there were many partners involved) and not even for Tammy’s Birthday… the big winner for the evening was all the money we raised for a great cause.  Truly a rewarding experience and something we were proud to be a part of.  But it goes beyond just that one evening as well, as we have heard from a few guests of Tammy’s who loved what we offered and considering it for upcoming events.

One of the best outcomes from this entire partnership is the fact that we will continue to partner with Tammy on upcoming events.  Figuring out together new ways we can continue promoting one another, as well as working with each other on many more programs.  While it was a couple of months in the making, it really only took minutes to see the value of a true strategic partnership.  Make yourself available… Keep your eyes, ears and mind open and you might see a wonderful opportunity present itself.

Thank you, Tammy.  Looking forward to continuing our Partnership!”

JC York
Wise Guys InterACTive Entertainment

“I heard Tammy Levent speak at the Tampa Bay Women’s Conference, and she wasn’t even five minutes into her talk before I was scribbling down ideas for how to improve my business. What she has to say is so immediately useful that it energizes you to start doing something NOW.I couldn’t wait to get to my laptop and start emailing my new “strategic partners.” I couldn’t believe it never occurred to me before to reach out to these people to improve both our businesses. It’s been two weeks since that conference, and I can already say that I have met the first professional goal I wrote down for myself that day. And it’s a goal that I had no idea how to reach before listening to Tammy.”

Lauren Van Mullem, Writer (www.laurenvanmullem.com)

“Approximately four years ago Tammy Levent approached me to enter Friends of Joshua House Foundation into a strategic partnership with Elite Travel. The experience has been to form a mutually beneficial alliance between her commercial enterprise and our non-profit organization.Our companies have grown closer over the last four years where we have participated in advertising, marketing, branding, event development, and other business functions. One such venture was her annual Tammy Levent Birthday Bash where she brought vendors forth to showcase their products and services, all the while benefitting the children we serve. In addition, she has provided vacation packages to clientele with a 2% reward to Friends of Joshua House Foundation based on referrals. In addition, Ms. Levent has shared this type of social entrepreneurial practice with other businesses in the Tampa Bay area through leadership training.Without this partnership we would not have been able continue offering a safe haven for abused, abandoned or neglected children each year.

The Friends of Joshua House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency and all donations are deductible to the full extent of the IRS tax code. Joshua House is operated by the Children’s Home Society of Florida and Friends of Joshua House Foundation supports their fine work with these children.  All funds raised go directly to benefit the children served.”

DeDe Grundel
Executive Director

“After listening to Tammy speak, I was very motivated and empowered to take by business to the next level. Hearing her personal journey of how Elite Travel came into existence was not only inspiring but really showcased how hard work and smart business decisions lead to success. She not only demonstrated how strategic partners can help build your business but how they are critical to success and longevity in a up and down economy. Tammy puts a fun twist on speaking and easily keeps her audience captivated with her dynamic personality. I look forward to attending more of her engagements in the future and learning how to build my business.Jacqueline Spitaleri
Jacqueline Spitaleri, C.F.N.S., C.F.T, C.L.F.C.
Jacqueline Spitaleri, LLC
Nutrition- Fitness – Lifestyle Expert

“When Tammy Levent brought the four of us together as her multi-media marketing team, we had no idea how she’d transform our businesses (we were there to help with hers, not the other way around!).Before working with Tammy, we each had our own individual businesses.*Brooke Walton, CEO of Queen Lizard Media, social media expert.

*Nikki Elizabeth and Trevor Hatfield, founders of the custom web-development and SEO company: Inturact.

*Lauren Van Mullem, freelance writer of everything from website content to magazine articles, to press releases and pitches.But after learning her business strategies and seeing them work, we realized we already had our strategic partners who could help us expand our businesses, reach more clients, and make more money.Inspired by Tammy, the four of us reached out to each other, began talking and brainstorming, and formed our own strategic partnership. Working together, we’ve increased our business by providing added value through our related skills.Every company needs social media, SEO, and great writing – and we need each
other to be able to meet the needs of that market. It’s so obvious to us
now, but we would never have thought of it without Tammy leading the way by example. Now we can hardly keep up with the demand for our work!Thank you Tammy!Sincerely,
Nikki Elizabeth
Trevor Hatfield
Brooke Walton
Lauren Van Mullem

I have heard Tammy Levent speak at several events and it gets better every time!  Tammy’s inspirational message takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride through her wonderful storytelling of tragedies and triumphs.  Her “never give up” message is indeed life-altering.  However, I love the fact that in the midst of all these motivating stories she has the ability to make you laugh and smile and actually enjoy the process of getting to the next level of success.  Tammy truly wants success for everyone she meets and her attitude is infectious. She is a true talent!
Ian S. Giovinco
Attorney at Law
It was very refreshing to listen to Tammy Levent speak at the Tampa Bay Women’s Conference. She added some spice and sizzle to the room that awoke the inner sass in everyone. Motivational speaking is so important for guidance and inspiration when reaching for the stars and Tammy takes the edge off with her wit, sarcasm, and humorous approach to success in life. She reminds everyone that laughing at yourself is one of the key components to keeping your focus in this zany adventure we call “life”. If you’re looking for a speaker or mentor who will drive you hard but also make you laugh, then you don’t want to miss out on Tammy Levent.
Brooke Walton
Queen Lizard Media, LLC.
“I have had the pleasure of hearing Tammy speak over a dozen times and have been impressed on each and every occasion. She provides diversity to her listening audience through highly interactive and thought provoking discussions. From connecting with her listeners through personal storytelling inclusive of her trials and tribulations to her coaching and teaching sessions focused on the importance of strategic partnerships and marketing skills, she has a unique and refreshing style. As an internationally successful businesswoman, Tammy is not only entertaining and informative but also provides her audience with valuable information that can be used for a lifetime.”
Brandi Kamenar, CEO
Brandi Kamenar Image Design Studio
Icon B Marketing and Publicity Group
Tammy Levent, delivers a good inspirational speech, that creates attention in the audience. She focus her personal life events, to transform the minds of the audience. By using encouraging words, motivating events and a futuristic approach, she shows the audience that there is different ways to get things done. I personally get very excited, every time I hear that she is going to do a public speaking event, because I know that she is going to transform peoples lives, by giving them hope, providing them with ideas and impacting society in general. I’m very proud of Tammy, as a friend, a mother, a daughter and the way she has change peoples lives in our community.
Jeff Drada

For the last few years, Ruth Eckerd Hall has had the great opportunity to partner with Elite Travel owner Tammy Levent. This partnership has proved to be beneficial for the Hall as Elite Travel provides numerous exciting trips with accommodations in first-class resorts for use in our fundraising events. Ruth Eckerd Hall also receives a percentage of revenue earned by Elite Travel when a Ruth Eckerd Hall connection books travel through their agency. Tammy is an enthusiastic community liaison that promotes Ruth Eckerd Hall through her other partnerships in the Tampa Bay area. We are very appreciative of Elite ravel and Tammy Levent’s support of the arts and arts education in our community.

Nancy Dietrich, Special Events Manager
Ruth Eckerd Hall

We were delighted to have Tammy Levent participate as a featured speaker during the inaugural Romance Travel Forum. In sharing her own personal success story, coupled with proven advice to increase profitability, Tammy truly connected with the audience and was a top-rated program among our participating travel agents. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Jennifer Fernandez
Director, Events & Content
Travel Show Marketing Group

When I sought out a business consultant, I was looking for someone to help me with marketing. However, Tammy Levent has shown me there’s so much more to helping others and your business than “marketing”. Tammy is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She not only has changed my business, but she has changed my life. I would highly recommend Tammy for any business consulting, coaching, marketing, branding- you name it. She is thorough and an amazing person to work with!

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond

Ms. Tammy Levent is a highly experienced, perceptive, and masterful professional. Her encouraging presence immediately puts you at ease. She has the uncanny ability to laser in on the heart of the matter to remove the obstacle that you had no idea was there, blocking the fulfillment of your desire or goal. If you are looking for someone who gets results quickly, I highly recommend The Magnificent Ms. Tammy Levent. She is the kind of person each of us should have on our success team!

If you are stuck, if you aren’t moving forward, forget the self-help books. Tammy may be unconventional but I have to say her “Imagine There is no box” approach to training and development helped me clear major, self-inflicted road blocks in my professional career.

My employees who were trained by Tammy Levent are now superstars in the hospitality industry and with Secrets Montego Bay. Guest satisfaction more than doubled after spending time with Tammy for just Five days of Exceptional Customer Service training. While many challenges professionals face can be self-inflicted, they CAN be mitigated. Try something different. Try the Tammy way.

I met Tammy Levent while I was working at a Five stars boutique Resort in 2009. I was in love with my job. I was running several departments. Tammy saw something I never saw in myself. It was something as simple as “passion”. She recognized my talents and knew exactly what I was capable of doing for a business.

Within minutes of leaving this company in 2010, I was blessed to receive a phone call from Tammy encouraging me to work with AM RESORT. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Since then I have been promoted four times. I am a lot more marketable and I have gotten several offers from fortune 500 companies to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. However, loyalty is everything to me and I am loyal to my Secrets Brand.

Tammy is extraordinary. She trains superstars. She gives excellent business advice and she makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world whether you are on the phone with her, in a room or online.

S. Moses

You don’t see competitors reaching out to help each other every day. So when I saw Tammy’s genuine desire to help struggling travel agents in her industry, I knew I wanted to work with her. I think her unconventional perspective on growing businesses is exactly what people need right now to succeed in this economy.

K. Harrington
Shark Tank

Tammy, this email is WAY overdue, but only because there doesn’t seem to be a place to “post” a review for a Destination Wedding Planner. What a miss! I would like to suggest that TripAdvisor realize what a valuable service you provide, and ask them to add that category!!!

Jose and I wanted to thank you, and your entire team. Since we knew that we wanted a destination wedding, and had NO IDEA where, the first amazing thing you did was recommend the most perfect place ever! We travel a lot and have seen a lot of terrific places, but none so beautiful as St. Lucia – including Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, as well as Ladera.

From the very beginning, directing us how to appropriately let people know that we didn’t need a toaster or a vase, but what we DID NEED was contributions to our trip for 5 (including our 3 children) so that we could marry as a family! The process was seamless, no one had to write us a check or track down our resort. You made it easy for our friends and family to give us the perfect gift, and for THAT we will be forever grateful.

Our travel was seamless, and made that much MORE FUN by the fact that others traveling to our wedding were on our same flights! The party literally started the moment we left Tampa International Airport and never stopped!

When we arrived at our destination, our private driver was waiting for us and again, we were thrilled with the service! Ernest did a great job of taking care of us through the entire trip, and I would recommend him and his services to anyone visiting St. Lucia.

Upon arrival at the first resort, we literally had our breath taken away! The 3-bedroom house we were staying in was drop-dead gorgeous! We were met at the door by our very own butler (who my 2 teenage daughters fell in love with) and served a traditional rum punch that was icy cold and wonderfully tasty! That was only the beginning, and was certainly indicative of what we could expect the remainder of the trip.

Not only were our 3 teenagers THRILLED, a feat not at all easy to accomplish, but every single guest was equally thrilled with their accommodations. I cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience at Sugar Beach was! Marcus, the onsite wedding planner, was like a doting mother at his own daughter’s wedding. He paid attention to every detail, stressed when I didn’t, and made sure we had a wedding that was truly beyond our wildest dreams. The property is the most beautiful place in the world, the people the most warm and accommodating I’ve ever experienced, and the wedding was honestly the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen (realizing, of course, that I’m biased).The day after the wedding most of our guests departed, and it was time for my new husband and me to start our honeymoon. The perfect kick-off was the complimentary couple’s massage that you negotiated on our behalf! The tree house spa is the most unique and relaxing that I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying! The massages themselves were honestly the best either of us has ever had and we finally began to relax and revel in our new wedded bliss.

And then, it got even better!!! We went up the mountain to our honeymoon destination known as Ladera. While we couldn’t imagine being anymore impressed than we had been at Sugar Beach, Ladera – a very different experience – took our breath away once again!

Neither of us had really thought through the “no 4th wall” concept, neither of us expected what we would find would again be the most beautiful place in the world. The owner greeted me by NAME, welcomed us to the resort with a hand-written note, and decorated our entire sweet in congratulatory wishes.

And as if all of the aforementioned wasn’t enough, we were met with a private dinner in our suite, our own private waitress and staff, and our own (finally) honeymoon dinner with just us under the stars and the most wonderful place in the world. We could even see the Milky Way, for real! We fell in love with our waitress that evening, her name is Leah Popo and ANYONE visiting Ladera should certainly ask for her to be their server. We now consider Leah family and stay in touch with her regularly!

Our next day was a horseback ride/tour … again something you negotiated on our behalf so we could ride ALONE, and also secured the fees as a gift from one of our wonderful friends. This too was an exceptional experience that we will never forget and would recommend that stable to others who are lucky enough to have the same experience.

Day 2 we spent mainly in our PRIVATE pool in our suite, enjoying each other and the absolute blessing of an unbeatable honeymoon. That evening, we enjoyed a Sunset Cruise, again paid for by a friend and secured by you, and again a terrific experience.

Our last full day on the island was our own private Soufriere tour! This included the botanical gardens, one-on-one with our own guide; the mineral baths – which he secured our own private baths so we didn’t have to share this with the masses; our own private volcano tour and mud bath, and finally, our own private tour of the waterfall. Although the shopping in Soufriere was lackluster, it was neat to experience the “natives” and see how they lived. That final full day was another incredible experience and something neither of us will ever forget.

When it was time to leave, the owner of Ladera was again waiting for us. She jokingly took our passports and said that we were now one of them and just couldn’t leave. As tears streamed down my face, I realized that she was right – we were one of them – we belonged there! And we would never had known that or experienced that, had it not been for your recommendation.

We are not ones to go back to a place we’ve been before, we always wonder why others do. Now we get it, and we WILL be back to St. Lucia, Ladera and Sugar Beach – God willing and the finances to afford it.

In summary, we cannot thank you enough for all you did to give us the most wonderful destination wedding and honeymoon; it was truly beyond our wildest dreams!

From day one, you helped us be economical – helped us figure out how we COULD have the wedding of our dreams – and picked the perfect place that we didn’t even know existed.

You sent our bios ahead of us, made sure everyone knew (or at least thought) we were important, and because of that we were treated with the utmost respect and “white glove” experience ever.

Our children, our families, our friends, and WE have incredible memories that will last a lifetime and that is thanks to YOU and Elite Travel. If I could find the place to tell the world, I would! Please feel free to post this, forward it, frame it, whatever! You earned it and we are forever grateful.

Jose and Bridgette Bello

Until recently I have only had once source of inspiration, my dad, but all that changed after meeting Tammy. Tammy is the definition of success, and one I can relate to.

M. Moore

Dear Tammy,

We are a premium leisure agency and touring business in Sydney, Australia. I was gratified to see the lengths you went to in looking after your people with the medical emergency in Turkey, since we also go the such extremes that it puzzles others in the industry, despite the positive results that speak for themselves.

I hope you are enjoying lots of good feedback and extra business from this. That’s not the reason why you did it of course – it’s your personal service ethic, but I’m sure karma is paying attention.

Well done, and if you are ever in our neighbourhood there is always a free lunch on the beach waiting for you in Manly. And if you need anyone on the ground in Australia to assist your clients please feel free to indicate that we have a relationship and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincere best wishes,
Gil McLachlan, CEO
McLachlan Travel Group

Hi Tammy,

I recently downloaded Enteprenuer on Fire and On Sat 7 September 2013. I was listening to you talking with John Dumas.

What a stirring story. I cannot believe how you bounced back like TIGGER.
I went through something similar but not to the level of you, any way I have the podcast of you talking with John I fully intend to forward it to my wife and 2 daughters inspiring.

So now to the purpose of this e-mail. ( not even sure if this will make it too you) you mentioned that you have a PODCAST.

I went straight to GOOLE PLAY to download your PODCAST but it seems you only have it available on i-tunes.

Is a PODCAST on ANDROID going to be available in the future. I would like to hear more about you.

Can I also point out that I am not in the habit of e-mailing someone who’s story I have just heard.

Danny Mc Garrity, Lattetude Coffee
Glasgow, Scotland

With over 23 years of producing bridal shows, it is my experience that it is vital to partner with quality vendors like Tammy Levent of Elite Travel. Our relationship has really helped thousands of brides and grooms educating them on how to have a successful honeymoon which is always the highlight event of their wedding event. The trip giveaways have really inspired them and have created a lot of excitement at the shows. It also highlights Elite Travel as a leader in the travel industry and gets them in front of 10,000 brides and grooms each year. It is an invaluable opportunity to market their service face-to-face to the end consumer!

Tommy Vaughan, CEO
Elite Events

Hi Tammy. I don’t think we’ve met, but we’ve been friends on Facebook for a while. I am a travel agent in Sarasota and I’ve been following your recent situation and you have handled this with such professionalism and grace. I can imagine what a frustrating and time consuming process this has been but know that you have helped the public see another reason why using a professional travel consultant is important. Thank you.
Sue Schwartz-Wolski,
Unique Travel Planners

I really appreciate you taking the time to do these and helping our industry!! It’s greatly appreciated

Tammy Levent is an inspirational speaker who helps teach ways to think outside the box to succeed in business, especially as she does in the travel industry. Tammy takes ownership and develops key strategies to build relations while branding her expertise in travel. Networking along with her expertise has proven success.

Excellent presentation. Your “fearless” approach to this topic was very refreshing. Looking forward to seeing more presentations!

I wanted to thank you again for inviting me yesterday as your guest to hear you speak at the Working Women of Central Florida meeting. You are an inspiration and I enjoyed listening to your presentation. I took notes and hope to implement them in my life and work style as well. I walked away with a good feeling and able to be empowered. I am sharing this information with my leaders and Marg of course. I look forward to seeing you again and our continued working relationship.

I still remember how awesome you were when I was looking for a job (5 years ago) and now I am VP of Marketing for a terrific company. Your success and kick ass attitude inspired me (and still does).

Posted By: Theo

Tammy, thank you for the eBook! I also wanted to take the time to thank you for hosting this event. I did walk away with meaningful connections that I believe will lead me to other strategic partnerships and job opportunities in PR. Also, the breakaway session was most useful where there were really creative ideas and solutions shared among the group. Looking forward to attending upcoming events!

Posted By: Michelle G. Acosta
Public Relations | Content Marketing | Social Media

What an awesome event. In the beginning I felt I may feel left out as I am from far away, but soon I felt so much part of the group. You are such a master connector. So awesome!

Posted By: Pritam Sinha
Organizer, San Fernando Valley Real Estate Club

Thank You Tammy! Very inspirational day, I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much! You’re a gifted speaker!

Posted By: David MacKondy

I truly enjoyed the seminar this past Tuesday. I’ve been working for 3 months now as I just graduated college. I always enjoy learning and was very inspired by your life story, your drive, and willingness to help. I thought each speaker provided valuable information and tools. Hopefully you, myself, and Philip can get together sometime soon to discuss future opportunities.

Again, I really enjoyed the seminar and look forward to seeing you again.

Posted By: Gabriel Carnrite
Sales & Marketing Consultant, Direct Mail Systems, Inc.

I’m sure I can speak for the entire Board of Directors in saying thank you for the time you took to speak with the business owners and decision makers attending last Thursday’s Tampa Bay Think Tank event January 17. Your presentation was exceptional and I sure all attendees benefited greatly from your message of building strategic alliances and are exploring new paths heading in that direction.

I am always amazed and appreciative of the willingness of successful entrepreneurs, such as you, who unselfishly take of their own time to enlighten and educate others on creating and setting their own successful career path. You are truly a special lady and I know that if anyone tried to tell you differently……..you simply would not believe them.

Posted By: Bob Bush
Condor Promotional Solutions Inc.

Thank you for a very inspiring and informative evening at the Tampa Bay Think Tank event. I look forward to our next encounter.

Posted By: Shelly Bauer
Owner/Chief Investigator, Universal Investigations, LLC

It was great to meet you at the event last night. You did a great job presenting and I have some great notes to follow up on. I love your phrase “You Claim It, You Call It, It’s yours”.. Great action statements.

Bob Brumm
Speaker, Author, Encouragement Engineer a.k.a. “The IT GEEK That Can Speak”

Tammy’s name is synonymous with strategic partnerships. I first met Tammy at one of her seminars that I was invited to by another member at The Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce. I was immediately struck with how well-versed Tammy was on relationship building which is a cornerstone of the chamber and my personal philosophy as well. I’ve since had the pleasure of working with Tammy and getting to know her and I’m continuously impressed with her energy, drive and commitment to improving the lives of others. Tammy is an amazing woman that anyone would be better off knowing.
Posted By: Stoney L. Wilson
MBA, VP of Sales, Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce
It was great to finally meet you today! As I mentioned over the last several years in doing business in the Tampa community I have had countless business partners say to me….”You REALLY need to meet Tammy Levent!” It is so refreshing to meet strong, successful, brilliant, women! I look forward to being a part of your network and helping anyway I can! I truly believe and live by “What one gives, one receives” and “It’s better to give then receive.”
Posted By: Lincoln Carolynn Smith
“Great seminar this morning, both Tammy and S.E. Day are great speakers, and very motivating. Every time I leave one of their events I think, ‘I need to be on their team.’ The winning team! At the first event Tammy said, “Is anyone’s industry changing? Do you need to make a shift in your industry?” And I do. I need some personal, career, branding, and where do I go from here advice… help!”
Posted By: Nicole Luer
Account Executive at InterDyn CFO Consulting / Attended Got Money?
“Six months after we opened, Tammy was invited to give a full assessment of current business practices and what was needed moving forward. Tammy’s presentation and one-on-one sessions with individual departments helped our staff to prioritize, re-focus and take a more proactive approach to our guests and their concerns…we are extremely gratified that Tammy’s input has contributed to the increased positive reviews on Trip Advisor and that our Wedding sales have seen a notable upswing. We look forward to working with Tammy again in the future as she develops other valuable and innovative ways to aid in our continued growth and development in this market.” Elite Travel is considered by AMResorts to be one of the most dynamic, efficient and enjoyable travel agencies that we work with. It is quite rare indeed that one finds the dynamic, creative and tireless efforts that are behind the success of this agency.”
Posted By: Emilio Huhn
General Manager, Secrets Wild Orchid & Montego Bay
“Tammy Levent is an inspirational speaker who helps teach ways to think outside the box to succeed in business, especially as she does in the travel industry. Tammy takes ownership and develops key strategies to build relations while branding her expertise in travel. Networking along with her expertise has proven success.”
Posted By: GoGo Worldwide Vacations
June Young, Gogo Worldwide Vacations, Orlando Florida