Help Share Tammy’s Inspiring Book

My name is Tammy Levent and many people know my brief bio, but no one knows the whole story. That is until now. I’ve been working on my memoirs for far longer than I anticipated. Still, there is a reason for everything and I think the reason it has taken me so long to publish my story is not only because there were pieces that needed to be added to it that hadn’t happened yet, but also because I needed time to come up with this groundbreaking idea to pay it forward to people in need of a message of hope. That’s where you come in.

Everything happens for a reason! Sometimes we cannot understand why, we get deflated and it’s hard to come out of our depressed state. I have been there and I want to give back and inspire others by sharing the message that we are not alone with survivors, hospitals, schools, charities and more. I need your help to do just that!

Everyone has a story, everyone has challenges and some of us face more than others. My life has had unbelievable challenges starting at a very young. Just a few of the things I have survived have included illnesses, an elevator crash at the age of 7, witnessing a leopard attack at age 10, physical and mental abuse by my biological father, living on my own from the age of 16, a stalker that set my apartment on fire when I was 18, two close calls of being murdered, two hit and run accidents that left me with neck and back injuries, losing all of my income, breast cancer and so much more. If I can live through all of this not only surviving, but thriving I believe anyone can and my goal is to share my story with as many people as possible.

I want to give thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of copies of my memoirs away to those who need an inspirational story to read. There are so many people going through countless situations right now and because my story is a true story of survival I want to be able to give it away to those people for free. Of course, that means I need help printing these thousands of copies of my book to give away. My goal is to raise $50,000 for the first run of printing and I plan to use the money to print and ship the book to charities, hospitals, homeless shelters, schools and more so that people who need it most can see not only are they not alone, but that they can triumph through anything life throws at them. They just need a vision and a goal and proof that someone has done it before them.

Here’s an example of just one story you’ll read in the book:

In 1994, my husband Sherif and I were running a successful jewelry store. Then, on Halloween night our lives were forever changed when two armed robbers stole more than 95 percent of the inventory, forcing us to close. My husband was diagnosed with PTSD after being violently beaten during the course of the robbery leaving me as the sole provider for our family. I took a job in sales and just one year after the robbery while training new employees in sales calls, my grandmother and my two small children were involved in a fatal car accident that left her dead and my children in critical condition. I resigned to take care of my family leaving me with no money and no job as I watched my children in ICU with no clue whether they would live or die. While sitting in that hospital thinking the worst and praying for the best an ICU nurse asked me a question that would change the course of my future.

She asked, “If it had nothing to do with money, what would you do?”

I said “I would travel the world.”

The next day she brought me a newspaper that had a help wanted ad that would eventually lead me to launching my own travel agency. With a family to feed, no assets, and a deficit of $180 thousand dollars, I leveraged strategic partnerships to build Elite Travel.

Since opening my travel business, I have created many ways to help others by pay it forward with birthday parties and numerous charities to raise money for foster care homes, the arts and hospitals. I even helped secure a donation of an entire house of furniture for a women who was set on fire by her husband and was left broke and homeless with thousands of dollars in medical bills. I also created a movement in a simple website known as for people to donate used suitcases for foster care children nationally. I even developed a travel agent training program call Travel Agent’s Success Kit ™ to help struggling travel agencies (yes, my competitors!) successfully adapt to this new age of travel.

While building my business I continued to suffer setbacks and problems. Many times when I could have given up and crawled into a hole I instead doubled down on my belief that I could handle anything life threw at me because I have a purpose in life. I am here to help others be better versions of themselves.

Writing my life story has set me up to pay it forward once again! It is my wish that you will take a moment and donate to this GoFundMe project so that I can pass my message of hope and survival on to those who need it most. Since I want this to be a two way street I have set up rewards that I would like to give people who donate. Won’t you help me help others?

Donation thank you rewards begin at just $5! Check out my Go Fund Me page at to learn more about my thank you gifts including how to receive advanced copies of the book prior to its release along with a special meet and greet opportunity!

Any donations will be accepted and we can work out additional rewards if you would like to donate a different amount than those mentioned in the rewards list on the Go Fund Me site. Please help me make a difference to someone who may need a little inspiration today! Your donation will change lives! Let’s pay it forward.

With gratitude,

Tammy Levent