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Strategic Partnerships: What You Need When You Have Nothing
By Tammy Levent

Part 1: Story

I had owned our jewelry store with my then-husband in Florida for five years when robbers stole ninety-percent of the inventory, forcing us to close. Six months later, my grandmother passed out at the wheel of her car and crashed into the brick wall of a house while driving my two young children, ages nine and two. My grandmother died in the crash, my son and daughter woke up in the ICU with severe injuries. The life we had been building was lost in less than six months. House payments and medical bills piled up; our savings quickly drained.

Sometimes fate can hit you so hard all you can do is reel from the blow. I didn’t know how to start living my life again, how to get my identity back, how to even begin to rebuild. But at some point, you have to stand up – for your family and for yourself – and take hold of your inner power to survive. I believe women have infinite power in themselves to create the lives they want, no matter what their challenges are, no matter what circumstances made up their pasts. How do you begin to build the life you want? Strategic partnerships are what you need when you have nothing.

I was sitting in the ICU, having just quit a telemarketing job I took after the jewelry store went under, consumed with uncertainties……..

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