Tammy Levent

Tammy Levent is a 2014 Silver Magellan Award Winner!
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Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for your next keynote speaker because your last speaker was boring? Are you tired of hearing the same “inspiring” messages over and over?

We’re stuck in a down economy, and we all need to come up with something creative and different to succeed. The old ways of doing business don’t work anymore! And neither do the old ways of motivational speaking. Let’s just drop that term right now, because I’ve had as much motivation as I can take.

When I walk into a room, sure, I have great energy, a sense of humor, and sass to spare. And yes, my personal story is one of overcoming tremendous hardship and incredible obstacles to succeed. But, here’s what I can give you that no one else can: Strategic Partnerships.

With my experience as a sales expert, business strategist, and successful entrepreneur, I specialize in thinking of innovative ways to increase revenue and build brands that grow businesses.

My most requested Keynote address is Strategic Partnerships. In fact, it’s the foundational tool I use to bypass every obstacle the economy can throw at you. What sets this presentation apart is that I don’t just tell you how to form these partnerships; I will send you walking out the door with your first Strategic Partner.

I customize every keynote for each organization’s unique needs and goals, but here are a few of my favorite subjects:

  • From Twitter Twit to Marketing Maven: How to Convert Clicks to Cash with Strategic Partnerships in Social Media
  • Closing the Sale and Keeping Your Clients
  • Representing Your Company & Yourself Using Strategic Partnerships, Branding and Marketing
  • Doing Well by Doing Good: Building Your Brand with Your Community

“It was wonderful to have Tammy Levent speak at our conference about How to WHIP. Her story was intriguing, vivacious, but most importantly REAL. Everyone loved hearing how she created her multimillion dollar company and the steps she took in getting there. Not only did we hear an amazing story but learned that strategic partnerships are an important way to move your business forward. Tammy was very inspiring and I feel more inspired each time I hear her!”

Hilal Ozkaya, Managing Partner & Event Management Specialist, Plan Ahead Events Central Tampa

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