Sink or Swim

tammylevent SinkorSwim“Much more than a book of inspiration, Tammy shows us that all things are possible with conviction and determination. To be able to achieve anything, under any circumstances, with no excuses. Her tenacity and drive to break from her past shows us how she literally reinvented herself numerous times and from a readers perspective she makes it look effortless. How she can remain without bitterness or remorse and yet have a sense of humor, she shows us that giving back is what drives her to reach for even more. You allow yourself to believe you can do it too, especially under less daunting odds as she faced. For those who have also met challenges that could break the average person, you will be encouraged to know staying afloat is a first step to survival and if your striving for a life of your own design, It’s a must read!”
-Jody Yetti


WWMD_leventAs a featured author in the best-selling book, Women Who Mean Business, Tammy Levent joins a select group of high-powered women to tell her story and reveal her top techniques for creating a business and lifestyle around your passion.

Drawing material from a rich background of experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Women Who Mean Business celebrates women entrepreneurs and the achievements that propelled them to where they are today.

Through her own story of overcoming personal tragedy to reach a place of wild success, Tammy Levent guides other women to find their courage, declare their goals, and use Strategic Partnerships to make those goals happen. Not only does she provide practical, real-world examples from her own life and business, she gives step-by-step instructions on how to build your business, your brand, and your community, all by using Strategic Partnerships.

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As Business Strategist, Speaker, Travel Expert and Destination Wedding guru, Tammy Levent’s work has also been featured in Business Fundamentals 2013,, AOL’s Aisle Dash, Peter Greenberg’s travel website, Panache Vue magazine, Pulse, What’s Hot Tampa Bay, Prestige magazine, and MarvellessMark, among other publications. She also acted as travel expert for Consumer Update on ABC Television in Tampa, Florida, and partnered with NBC Travel Shows in Chicago and Miami where she coordinated the Honeymoon Pavilion and conducted seminars for brides-to-be.

Ask her to write the next Business Strategy or Travel article for your publication!

What people are saying:

“Her personal journey of how Elite Travel came into existence was not only inspiring but really showcased how hard work and smart business decisions lead to success. She not only demonstrated how strategic partners can help build your business but how they are critical to success and longevity in an up and down economy.”

Jacqueline Spitaleri, C.F.N.S., C.F.T, C.L.F.C.