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Free way to promote your business

No money for marketing or promotion? Desperately trying to bring in new business, but can’t afford a radio or television ad?  Don’t worry. Here are three ways that you can still get your name out there without busting your budget.

Social Media: Social media has completely changed the landscape of promoting and marketing a business and, best of all, it’s free. Sign up for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and you can promote your destinations and services. Be consistent and provide valuable information and great photos. Make sure that you are following people who are interested in what you have to offer because they might lead to sales. Keep in mind, however, that social media doesn’t always work and it takes time to find the right mix of content for you. Some entrepreneurs are also better at it than others. They know what to say, what hashtags to use, and how to follow up with potential customers. Don’t forget YouTube either! A short video on a property or a tour around a beach could be exactly what someone is looking for that day and may contact you to book.

Barter: Just like in the good ol’ days when businesses got things done by bartering services, it’s still done today. If you do not have any extra room in your budget for a radio ad or an ad on a local television station, they might be willing to give you a shout out if you donate a small budget trip as a giveaway for their listeners. You get a mention on the air and they get a freebie. Both parties are happy. Want to have your name at a home and travel show? Try the same idea – reach out to a business and give away a trip to a local bed and breakfast (get the bed and breakfast to agree to free publicity too) and you’ll get publicity without having to write a check.

Press release: Writing a press release and emailing it to newspapers, radio stations, writers, television stations and magazines is completely free (unless you’re paying a writer to do it for you). All you have to do is write a paragraph or two on your subject, find the editor’s name on the website and send it to them. Follow up in the week to see if they are interested and, if they are, you just broke in to that media and it didn’t cost you anything but your time. Now what should your press release say? It can provide 10 packing tips for your audience, talk about a new law that travelers need to be concerned about or provide tips on travel safety. Of course, you can just write something about your business and hope the editors pick up on it and write an article about you, but providing content is always a positive.

Tammy Levent founder of Travel Agent Success Kit (T.A.S.K)

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