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Tammy Levent is a 2014 and 2015 Magellan Award Winner!
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Sink or Swim

"Much more than a book of inspiration, Tammy shows us that all things are possible with conviction and determination. To be able to achieve anything, under any circumstances, with no excuses. Her tenacity and drive to break from her past shows us how she literally reinvented herself numerous times and from a readers perspective she makes it look effortless. How she can remain without bitterness or remorse and yet have a sense of humor, she shows us that giving back is what drives her to reach for even more. You allow yourself to believe you can do it too, especially under less daunting odds as she faced. For those who have also met challenges that could break the average person, you will be encouraged to know staying afloat is a first step to survival and if your striving for a life of your own design, It's a must read!"
-Jody Yetti

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Travel Agent Success Kit


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Tammy Levent | Public Speaker & Business Mentor | Tampa, Florida

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My experience with building businesses began before I could legally vote. At the age of 16, I drove to New York, found a room to rent off of a Laundromat’s wall and worked as a secretary at a wholesale appliance store. After one year of learning the business, I called the owner of the shipping company we used to ship our appliances and laid out reasons for why we should combine our two businesses into one full-service company. That is how, at the age of 17, I became a founding partner of 7 Islands Shipping, the top company in the United States for export shipping to the Mediterranean throughout the 1980’s and ‘90s. It was my first Strategic Partnership and formed my lifelong philosophy of successful entrepreneurship.

After Seven Islands Shipping was sold, my husband and I moved back to Florida and started a successful jewelry store. In 1994, our lives changed when two armed robbers stole more than 95 percent of the inventory, forcing us to close. Solely responsible for the financial support of my family, I took a job as a telemarketer selling timeshare packages and quickly became the top salesperson in the company. One year later, as I was training new employees in sales calls, my grandmother and my two small children were involved in a fatal car accident that left her dead and my children in critical condition. I resigned so I could care for them while they were in the ICU.
It was a nurse in that ICU who posed the question that changed the course of my future.

She asked, “If it had nothing to do with money, what would you do?”

I said “I would travel the world.”


“Tammy is one of the best mentors in the industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in all that she does. Whether you are an experienced travel consultant or a new agent looking to grow your business, Tammy will challenge you to think outside the box and push the envelope a little further than you ever thought imaginable. She is strong-willed; she is driven; she is creative; she is intense; and she is successful.

The T.A.S.K – Travel Agent Success Kit that Tammy created is a perfect program for those who are looking for a few more ideas to drive their business a little further in 2015. I joined T.A.S.K. over a year ago, and while I already had a thriving agency in West Texas, I implemented some of the strategies on which Tammy focuses. From 2013 to 2014, my business experienced 192% growth. Can I guarantee that kind of growth if you sign up for T.A.S.K.? The answer is no, and I am not sure Tammy will make those claims either. What I can tell you is the obvious. An open-mind, hard work, and dedication will get you where you want to be, and having a mentor and friend in Tammy Levent has made the ride that much more enjoyable!”

Lindsay Foerster
Foerster Travel, Inc.

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